I had a hip replacement in the past and it started to flare up. It got to the point that I couldn't go to work. I called Terri and was booked in that evening. As soon as I stood up after the treatment my hip felt better. In the morning it was still better and I went to work. The following day I went for one more treatment as advised by Terri and it went well, so well, that I woke up the next morning and went skiing. I would suggest going to Terri for acupuncture if you have stuff to do!

GP - Squamish BC

April - 2019

I can't say enough great stuff about Terri. Her knowledge and confidence in acupuncture allows you to relax and take comfort that she will fix what ails you! I was having a hard time getting pregnant. I tried everything for over one year. Finally I went to see Terri as I had heard such great things. This was my fist acupuncture appointment. After seeing Terri twice a week for 3 weeks, success! I was pregnant I then sent a girlfriend who was trying as well for even longer than me. And yes a few weeks later she too was pregnant! I've continued to see Terri for many other things through the last twelve years. I always feel so much better. Thanks Terri! You're a gem.

Christy - Squamish, BC​

I have suffered many injuries throughout my life from car accidents to sports injuries... lots of them... to the tune of multiple broken back injuries and countless other bones and soft tissue damage. Terri is a true master in the watered-down world of Chinese medicine. Her results are above and beyond ALL other treatment modalities I have tried. For both physical and mental well being, Terri is the only answer.

Scott Tod - Squamish, BC